Services and rates

Free advice
€ 0
15 minutes

Initial case history

Advice / Recommendations

€ 50
30 minutes *

Initial case history

Physical examination

Treatment planning

* Osteopathy doesn't work with a strict time schedule because is the response of the patient that sets the timing for the treatment.

** You can check this page as a reference for understanding the different phases of an osteopathic consultation/treatment.

Accepted payments

Insurances and osteopathy

Osteopathy in the Netherlands is considered an alternative medicine.

In order to be eligible for a reimbursement (partial in most of the cases) from the insurance company the patient must have chosen to include a supplement for alterative medicine on top of the basic package, provided that the osteopath is registered to a national organization (NOF or NRO).

Each insurance company has different rules regarding reimbursement of osteopathic treatment. Please refer to your insurance company website for more information.

You can download this document (official document from NVO website) to check how much, based on your insurance company and your policy, of osteopathic treatments' costs you're entitled to get back from the insurance company.

** DISCLAIMER: In order to get registered to NOF or NRO it is requested from the Osteopath to reach level B1 on Dutch. I am in the process of reaching that level therefore no reimbursement can be expected from the insurance company at the moment. I will update this page as soon as I get registered. **

Cancellation policy

I kindly ask you to cancel the appointment with at least 24 hours notice. This is needed for managing costs and scheduling.

If, for unexpected reasons, you're not able to cancel the appointment according to the notice or you don't show up at the appointment, a No-Show warning will be collected on your name.

At the second No-Show you'll be caharged with a No-Show fee of € 30.00.